2276cc Turbo EFI Turnkey engine


2276cc Turbo EFI 

Perfect high performance, reliable & very drivable engine for Busses or Beetles. Can be daily driven. 

Not strenuous on parts, small cam and rocker ratio, let the turbo do the work! 

220hp with Engle TCS20 @ 7psi (Beetle)

200hp with Engle TCS10 @ 7psi (Bus)


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2276cc Turbo injection motor. Beetle OR Bus.

  • 82×94mm
    Balanced rotation assembly
    4340 82mm super race counterweighted crankshaft
    Aluminium super race crank case
    Full Flow oil system
    8 dowel flywheel with heavy duty gland nut
    Billet crank pulley with billet steel hub
    CB H beam rods 5.5″ with ARP 2000 rod bolts
    Engle TCS turbo grind camshaft
    Engle lightweight cam followers
    Billet steel straight cut cam gears
    94mm barrels and JE forged pistons
    42 x 37.5mm Mini Wedge port heads, turbo prepped.
    1.25:1 Ratio rockers
    SS push rod tubes
    Aluminum Super Duty cut to length push rods
    Chromoly 180,000 psi turbo head studs
    Aluminum bolt on rocker covers
    26mm oil pump
    Steel full flow oil pump cover
    3.5 litre deep sump
    -8 AN full flow oil hoses and fittings (please tell me which colours you would like, blue and red or black)
    -6 AN fuel line and fittings
    Stage 2 pressure plate
    Super Daiken friction plate
    Spark plugs
    Elring gasket kit

Cooling and Ancillaries:

  • 30hp style doghouse fan shroud kit (please specify powder-coating colour)
    Alternator kit
    Doghouse oil cooler and stand
    External oil filter & cooler with thermostat operated electric fan and -8 fittings
    AN -8 oil line fittings and hose
    AN -6 fuel line fittings and hose
    AN -3 boost stainless hard lines
    VR1 racing oil
    Zinc break in additive

Injection and Turbo kit:

  • CB Performance Gen 4 EFI Turbo kit
    Stainless turbo header
    AGP T3/T4 Turbo (Garrett Turbo also available)
    Turbosmart waste gate
    Turbosmart blow off valve
    AN-10 Turbo drain
    AN-3 turbo feed line

Bergmann Billet Fan Kit also available

Other specs and options also available.

Complete ready to fit into your vehicle

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