2007cc & 2028cc Turnkey Engine


2007cc OR 2028cc Bus or Beetle Turnkey Engine 

Can be spec’d for a torquey bus motor or fast road use. 

106hp/122ft/lb (2028cc with 110 cam & 1.1:1 rockers) 


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78 x 90.5 OR 78.8 x 90.5
Aluminium super race case
Steel back main bearings
Dual thrust cam bearings
Mahle big end bearings
Balanced rotation assembly
4340 Forged Counterweighted 8 dowel crankshaft
Crankshaft gear assembly kit
Billet Crank pulley with billet steel hub You Choose 
Lightened forged flywheel 200mm
Chromoly 36mm heavy duty gland nut
H beam connecting rods with ARP 2000 bolts
90.5mm barrels and pistons
Engle camshaft You Choose 
Engle cam followers
Aluminium cam gear
CSP extended cut to length oil pick up pipe
3.5 litre deep sump
40 x 35.5mm big valve heads with single HD spring
Heavy duty 1.1:1 rockers with bolt up shafts You Choose 
Stainless steel push rod tubes
Aluminium HD push rods
Bolt on aluminium rocker covers
26mm oil pump
Full flow steel oil pump cover
3.5 litre deep sump
-8 AN full flow hoses and fittings
External oil filter & cooler with thermostat operated electric fan
Fram HP1 oil filter
Oil filter head
Breather box with -8 AN fittings OR Breather Tower You Choose
Stage 1 Kennedy pressure plate
Twin HMPX 40 IDF carb kit with CB Performance filter and linkage kit
Billet spin true alternator pulley
Rotary electric fuel pump
30hp style fan shroud with to without heating You Choose
Twin port tinware kit
Powder coated tinware
Gasket kit
Spark plugs
009 Distributor OR CB Performance MagnaSpark II ignition kit with biller distributor You Choose
ACE billet fuel pump block off with -8 AN breather
ACE billet type 3 oil filler block off plate with built in oil temp sender
Stainless steel side winder, Vintage Speed OR A1 Muffler exhaust system You Choose
Compression ratio and connecting rod ratio will be determined dependent on vehicle and cam choice 
Complete ready to fit