1915cc long block


Allows you to use your own ancillaries from your previous engine. We recommend dual carburettors and a good flowing exhaust system for the following long blocks.

No core required. 1 year warranty

2007cc, 2028cc, 2110cc, 2165cc, 2276cc also available in many different options… also sizes up to 2498cc, with the use of a Type 4 mains crankshaft…

Call or email for details.

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Aluminium race case
Steel back main bearings
Dual thrust cam bearings
German 69mm crankshaft
Crankshaft gear assembly kit
12v flywheel 200mm
Heavy duty gland nut
New con rods
87mm barrels and pistons
200mm clutch kit
Engle 100 camshaft, 110, 120 also available (please specify)
Aluminium cam gear
Scat cam followers
German oil pick up pipe
3.5 litre deep sump
40 x 35.5 big valve heads with HD springs
Heavy duty 1.1:1 rockers with bolt up shafts – (1.25 ratio available + £130)
Stainless steel push rod tubes
Chromoly push rods
Stainless steel rocker covers
26mm oil pump
Full flow steel oil pump cover
(other specs also available)