Brand New Turnkey engines for Beetles, Busses, Ghia’s and type 3’s.

No core required. 1 year warranty.

Each engine is built to a spec determined by myself and the customer for the intended use for the vehicle.

Every stage of your build is photographed and posted on the Live Updates  & Aircooled Engineering Facebook page.

All engines are detailed to a show standard.

Engines come with the camshaft bedded in and a day of tuning on my stand.

Complete package ready to plug and play.

External oil cooler & fan, electronic fuel pump, all AN-8 oil & AN-6 fuel lines and fittings included for your install.

Tech support via telephone or email if you have any queries.

Call or email for details and current lead times.

Turnkey Engines

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    2276cc Turbo EFI Turnkey engine


    2276cc Turbo EFI 

    Perfect high performance, reliable & very drivable engine for Busses or Beetles. 

    Not strenuous on parts, small cam and rocker ratio, let the turbo do the work! 

    220hp with Engle TCS20 @ 7psi (Beetle)

    200hp with Engle TCS10 @ 7psi (Bus)


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    1776cc or 1915cc Engine


    1776cc or 1915cc Bus or Beetle Turnkey Engine

    Best selling turn key engine for Busses. 

    101hp/112ft/lb (1915cc 100 cam)

  • 2007cc & 2028cc Turnkey Engine


    2007cc OR 2028cc Bus or Beetle Turnkey Engine 

    Can be spec’d for a torquey bus motor or fast road use. 

    106hp/122ft/lb (2028cc with 110 cam & 1.1:1 rockers) 


  • 2110cc Engine


    2110cc Bus or Beetle Turnkey Engine

    Best seller for Busses! 

    115hp/132ft/lb (FK7 cam) 

  • 2276cc Engine


    2276cc Bus or Beetle Turnkey Engine

    155hp/150ft/lb with FK10, 9.5:1CR & 44 IDF’s

    210hp/160ft/lb with FK89, 10.5:1CR, 44×37.5 heads, 1.5 roller rockers and 51 IDA’s