Brand New Turnkey engines for Beetles, Busses, Ghia’s and type 3’s.

  • No core required. All new parts!
  • Fully blue printed, balanced and bearing clearances set for each engines intended use!
  • Each engine is built to a spec determined by myself and the customer for the intended use of their vehicle – stock, street & strip, performance, cruising, race and turbo motors…
  • Every stage of your build is photographed and posted on the ACE Facebook and Instagram pages.
  • All engines no matter what spec are detailed to show car standard.
  • Engines come with the camshaft and piston rings broken in and a day of tuning on my stand. (Stuska Dyno coming soon!)
  • Complete package ready to plug and play.
  • External oil cooler & fan, electronic fuel pump, all AN-8 oil & AN-6 fuel lines and fittings included for your install.
  • All engines are built by myself and come with full install, run in and service instructions.
  • Tech support via telephone or email if you have any queries.

Call or email for details and current lead times.

Aircooled VW Turnkey Engines

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