ACE Racing

Here you can follow our Aircooled VW and Chevrolet racing programs. 

1966 Chevrolet Chevy II Nova SS

Best 1/4 mile E/T: 8.97 @ 148
Previous Engine: 415ci Small Block Chevy (6800cc) 800hp on methanol
Transmission: Powerglide
Chassis: SFI Spec 25.2

Back in 2016, the goal with the car was to run an 8 second quarter mile and drive the car to and from the track.

Since achieving this, the car has been off the road having some ‘upgrades’. These include transforming the car from a bracket racing car into a true twin turbo street car. The normally aspirated 415ci small block is long gone and an ACE built 427ci LS based small block running two 88mm turbos now sits in its place. The new motor and fuel system are built for pump gas with the ability to run e85 thanks to the FuelTech FT600 ecu.

Other changes include, going back to a steel front end and doors on the car (got to have wind up windows on the street!) adding a passenger seat, bigger fuel cell and radiator for street driving, adding a rear wing, a second parachute and a wiper motor!

The next goal for the car once completed again, will be to ship the car over to the USA to compete in the Hot Rod Magazine Drag Week. Because of the chassis, the car will only be able to enter the Unlimited class; we sure don’t expect to win or even be close to winning but we do hope on to finish the week with an average in at least the 7 seconds zone.


1960 VW Single Cab: 

This will be the ultimate shop truck/daily driver. The same as my previous bus, it will be powered by a flat 6 Porsche motor with EFI and a Porsche 5 speed transmission, 4 wheel disc brakes and Torq Thrust D wheels.



Some pics from the 2016 racing season with the Nova: