ACE is moving!

We are proud to announce we are picking up shop and moving from the UK to the USA. The new shop is located in Torrance, California. The UK shop will be closing mid 2019. Stay tuned for updates! 


Brief History

ACE Performance Engines (Aircooled Engineering) was founded by Aircooled VW and Hot Rod enthusiast Stefan Rossi in 2010. Stefan specializes in Chevrolet LS & Aircooled VW engine builds, custom built hot rods and daily drivers.

Prior to opening its doors for business back in 2010, Stefan had worked for some of the top VW restoration and engine shops in the UK & Canada, he also served in Afghanistan with the British Army. After 9 successful years based in the West Midlands in the UK, Stefan felt it was time to expand the business…

The new shop is based in Torrance, California and will continue to specialize in new performance engine builds for Aircooled VW, Porsche and Chevrolet LS based engines, as well as custom-built one off hot rods and daily drivers. 

Why two names?

Initially, the shop was called Aircooled Engineering, but after becoming more and more involved with V8 engines and from the success with racing the Nova, it was time for a name update… Whilst Aircooled Engineering still covers the aircooled side of the business, ACE Performance Engines now covers all V8 builds. 

Current achievements of ACE built engines and vehicles

    • 1966 VW Bus featured in VolksWorld Magazine with an ACE built 1915cc motor – 2015
    • 1967 Yukon Yellow US Spec Vert VolksWorld Show ‘Outside choice’ award – 2015
    •  1968 Porsche 912 ‘Patina Irish Green’ – Hayburner Magazine cover car – 2016
    • 1966 Chevy II Nova -Fastest Streetcar & Hot Rod Drags, Shakespeare County Raceway 2016
    • 1966 Chevy II Nova, 8 Second street car Featured in Hayburner Magazine – 2017
    • 1950 Split Window Bug – ‘Best Of Show’ at the VolksWorld Magazine show with an ACE built engine – 2017
    • 1966 VW Bus – cover of ‘Camper & Bus’ with an ACE built 2276cc turbo motor – January 2019 


Some of our previous work




Check out the ACE Facebook page and on Instagram @stef_ace_67  for thousands of more pictures and videos of our work

The Builds

All engines are built by one engine builder in a purpose built engine room. Each engine is fully balanced, blueprinted and built to show standards. All builds are photographed and posted on social media to allow each customer to follow their build and know exactly what parts are going into their engine! Every turnkey engine is run up with camshaft and piston rings broken in, followed by a day of tuning. (Engine dyno coming soon!)


Upcoming projects…

An upcoming focus for 2019 is to provide a complete Aircooled VW turbo kit. This will be available to purchase with an ACE engine or separately for your own engine. The kit will consist of the best parts currently on the market… FuelTech EFI, A1 Muffler stainless turbo header, Garrett ball bearing turbo, CB Performance throttle bodies and finished off with Aircooled Engineering billet CNC parts.

Chevrolet LS single & twin turbo kit also coming soon… 

Keep an eye on the Facebook & Instagram pages for details!

Billet Parts!

ACE produces CNC billet parts for Aircooled VW, Porsche and Chevrolet LS V8 engines.




Brand new Aircooled VW engines

Brand new Chevrolet LS engines 

Porsche 911 & 912 engine

Turnkey engines, Long blocks, Short blocks

Turbo motors 

Race motors 

1000hp ‘daily driver’ motors

CNC machined billet and custom parts

Engine dyno coming soon!

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