Aircooled Engineering is a West Midlands based one man engine shop started and run by Aircooled VW enthusiast and engine builder Stefan Rossi in 2011.

I have over 14 years experience working on all ranges of Aircooled and Chevrolet V8 engines both in the UK and across the Atlantic. Engines I have built range from Volks World Magazine Best Of Show winning 25hp motors, to daily driven fuel injected turbo bus motors and everything in between. A big thing that I take pride in, are reliable big CC daily driven Bus motors and reliable daily driven turbo EFI motors.

Over the last 14 years, I have raced two Aircooled VW’s here in the UK and in Belgium with both turbo and IDA motor’d car’s, always driving them to and from the track. I am currently campaigning a 1966 Chevy II Nova which runs 8.97 @ 151mph in the 1/4 mile with a normally aspirated Small Block Chevy motor. Soon to return in another Aircooled VW racing a street driven 1967 Convertible Beetle with turbo EFI and a 2000hp twin turbo motor in the Nova.


All engines are built by myself in a pristine and clean engine room environment, each engine, no matter if stock or performance is fully blueprinted and built to the correct specs & tolerances for that engines purpose. Every process of every build is photographed and posted online to allow each customer can see exactly what parts are used in their engines. Every turnkey engine is then run up with the initial cam burn done and followed by a day of tuning. All engines come with a full 1 year warranty on parts and labour.


One of my main interests and specialties are turbo EFI motors. A readily available complete Aircooled turbo kit to purchase with my engines or separately for your own engine will soon be made available. This will consist of FuelTech EFI, A1 Muffler stainless turbo header, Garrett ball bearing turbo, CB Performance throttle bodies and some of my own ACE Engineering billet parts. Keep an eye on the ‘Live Updates’ or Facebook page for details!


UK made CNC billet steel and aluminium parts for aircooled Type 1 motors and LS V8 engines.


Services offered include

Engine rebuilds

Brand new engines

Turnkey engines and bench testing

CNC machined billet and custom parts

VW Type 1, Type 2, Type 3 and Type 4 Engines

VW Type 1 turbo motors for street or all out race

Vintage speed 25/30hp builds

Porsche flat six 1965 onwards

Porsche 914

Porsche 356

Porsche 912

Porsche 912E

Chevrolet LS V8

Small Block Chevrolet

Match porting and polishing

Head and combustion chamber CC work

Case clearance for stroker cranks

Full flow case work

Case machine work

Fully blue print engine internals

Align Bore

UK dealer for CB Performance parts – http://www.cbperformance.com

UK dealer for JayCee Enterprises http://jayceevw.com

UK dealer for AutoCraft Engines and Pauter parts from http://www.autocraftengines.com

UK dealer for Brian Tooley Racing https://www.briantooleyracing.com

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